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Please also answer the following questions.

Q1 Is it a business that requires special approval from a regulatory agency or government agency to implement a tour / experience plan?
Q2 If the business requires a Q1 license or special qualification, do you have a license?
Q2-2 Please fill in the specific notification address and details of the license.
(Example: Okinawa Prefectural Public Safety Commission, Marine Leisure Business Notification, etc.)
Q3 Do you have valid "liability insurance" or "accident insurance"?
Q3-2 Please specify the name of the insurance company you are enrolled in, the type of insurance, and the scope of coverage.
(Example: △△△ non-life insurance, accident insurance, 50 million yen, etc.)
Q4 Is it an activity that requires a guide?
Q5 For activities that require a guide, do you check your experience and qualifications as a guide?
Q5-2 Please enter the qualification name of the guide and instructor, and the required years of guide experience.
(Example: PADI diving instructor, 〇〇 SUP association certified instructor, small vessel first grade, etc.)
Q6 Do you check the safety of the equipment and equipment required to implement the experience plan before implementing the experience plan?
Q7 Do you consider the life and physical safety of customers other than the above when implementing the experience plan?
Q8 Please enter any affiliated organizations / associations.
(Example: PADI member store, 〇〇 Kayak Guide Association, 〇〇SUP Association, etc.)

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